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Dark Vector Call to Action Buttons

Action Buttons

‘Call to action’ buttons are designed to serve a wide range of functions. The term “call to action” deals with a wide ambit of functions. Technically speaking, these ‘call to action’ buttons are designed in such a way that these virtually instruct or invite a user for any action.

The action may include adding a certain product to the shopping cart or downloading anything, requesting for certain information, or any other type of activity. Provide an extra tinge to the websites, besides inviting the users in various types of activities.

Different types of Dark Vector Call to Action Buttons those are available

These call to action buttons come in various types and forms and dark vector ‘call to action’ buttons include all those varieties. Each type of these buttons is so designed to invite the visitors in performing a definite type of action. Various types of ‘Call to action’ buttons available are:

  • Add To Cart Buttons: These buttons appear on each and every product page(s). The sole objective of these ‘call to action’ buttons purpose is to tempt the customers to purchase a product.
  • Download Buttons: The name of these ‘call to action’ buttons says it all – these are designed to download a particular file or software.
  • Trial Buttons: These dark vector ‘call to action’ buttons are used to entice the viewers to try a particular software or any other product on trial basis, generally by opting for free trial runs.
  • Learn More Buttons: These buttons are used to instruct the visitors to learn the details of a product.

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