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Editing Photo in Lightroom Easier with Loupedeck


  • Loupedeck is a crowdfunded project in Indiegogo. Loupedeck take a step in your editing with Lightroom. It is a console hardware that help you edit picture faster in Lightroom. The project has been over their funded target and will be release to customer in June 2017.
  • The founder of Loupedeck want people can edit picture easily and efficiently in Lightroom, and that is the reason they bring up a console named Loupedeck. Mikko Kesti, CEO of Loupedeck said that they have spent lots of time on researching the professional designer’s workflow for making a brand new controller that is sophisticated and percipient to use. And Loupedeck has come up with a remind of DJ-mixing device. Loupedeck inspire and established the picture editing in Adobe Lightroom from newbie to professionals.


  • Loupedeck weighs around 1kg and its surface has dials, sliders and knobs. On top, Loupedeck has a matt black, the control button has marked their function. The design is absolutely impressive and make the user feeling that they are professional DJ mixing their own audio.
  • Palette is the same controller with Loupedeck that was release last year, but its function doesn’t be enhanced all the function on practical design like Loupedeck does. Thanks for their all-in-one design that make Loupedeck is the special product for Adobe Lightroom.
  • Loupedeck is a device that will collar your hands and eyes when you editing picture. It is the seamless and intuitive combine that make user focus on picture and has the final product that it worth. Loupedeck make people work quickly and easily in editing picture even the numerous of tasks. It follows the work and reduce a lot of unnecessary interruptions or tasks between.
  • Loupedeck is a controller hardware, so it not easy to changing or updating if Adobe Lightroom has the new editing features. Moreover, the user that usually adding captions and keywords in picture will be confused when switching with the regular keyboard. Indeed, Loupedeck doesn’t convenient to bring up or take away with your laptop.


  • Though Loupedeck has the pros and cross but it is a brand new device for people that are looking for a helpful equipment for their working. It is easier to transform people’s idea to their product with saving time and flow tasks. Loupedeck also bring a new inspire in which they are the real artist in editing photos.
  • Loupedeck was developed by the strong team. They are senior ex-Nokia/Microsoft specialist, an experienced photographer and a CEO with a background sales international. The team are educated and they are a real expertise in their major. They have over 15 experience years for design and develop the Nokia smartphone projects. They cover almost the important tasks such as mass production, research customer and sales. Together, they got over 50 million smartphones that was release in the past.
  • The team is working really hard on their new project, Loupedeck. Having a successful campaign on Indiegogo just a first step that count. They will start the design work very soon. Indeed, they will work on detail in user experience and mass production. The detailed research and knowledge will enhance the corporate in final product. They want the Loupedeck is better and it will reserve making small changes in final product. It will a bit different that you see in the prototype’s photos.
  • Some of new features that the team referred are the touch-feel dials (buttons), fine-tune on industrial and detailed mechanics design. They also having the negotiations with some European suppliers for sale and develop the firmware device.

You can check Loupedeck from Indiegogo. Credit Images: Loupedeck.com

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