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All Things You Need To Know About Font in Design


Font in design is the most important thing in the design part. You can express your intention through the font using. Just check out why font takes a major task in designing.

How to distinct font and typeface?

Many designers have confusing about font and typeface. Technically, they’re totally different. The typeface is just the design, and the font delivered how the design shows. Formulas of the font include typeface plus style and size. What you’re using is the font, and what are you see is typeface. Times New Roman or Arial is the name of the kind of typeface. And the letters needed to be changing the size or weight such as 10 point bold will be the font. For example, 10pt. Arial bold and 24pt. Arial italic will be the different fonts of the typeface.

How many type of font in common?

Indeed, it has many kind of font that the publisher release but the designers just use some basic fonts instead. Therefore, we just focus on 4 major font categories that being using the most.

  1. Serif: the font has a bit “feet” attached at the ends. They look serious, and match with traditional design
  2. Sans-Serif: the name means “without serif”, the letter doesn’t have attached lines on the ends. So, they fit with modern style.
  3. Script: Script is the font that looks like handwriting character. The character has connecting between them. It has script different fonts, such as elegant, font, casual and hand-drawn.
  4. Decorative/ Display: the font has speciality appearance, just using in decorative and display purpose.


Choose a right font

It depends on the purpose or message of project that you will choose the font that match. If the font you chosen doesn’t match will make a visual disconnect with users and your brand don’t want this case happen. When using fonts, it would be a fun and interesting choices to follow. You have to be focus on what purpose of your products or services.

The context and what you want the viewers see are what you should be consider most when choosing fonts. Instance, social media graphics will have different display with the font on screen.

Readability is the most important part of the design. Firstly, you have to choose the size that match with the context. For example, the business card will smaller than poster, so the font would be adjusting on that. Secondly, the spacing is also important too. In almost cases, common spacing will easier for viewer. If you want to tight spacing, you have to control the font size or spacing. The X-height is the space between lowercase of letters. The capital shouldn’t be approach so closed to this distance. Moreover, you should considering about the letter and number fonts. You have just tried the I/l/1 test to figure out the space and the matching between the fonts.

How to combine the font?

Choosing between two or more the fonts will be pretty tricky. The fonts will be complement each other but not too similar. You shouldn’t combine too much or less contrast fonts. Finding the quality of each font or using it in same structure. Indeed, if the fonts have the same typeface will easier for designer to match and mix the design. The expert says that you shouldn’t use more than 3 fonts in one design. Although 3 fonts is the maximum that using but depending on case that designer can use over it.

Is it easy to find free fonts?

If you want to want a fresh font for your design but don’t want spend too much money on that, you can consider some design source. There has 3 website that offer most free fonts. Font Squirrel is the page giving you almost free fonts with the licensed in commercial use. Google Fonts also a good resource for fonts on design website. Users can download to computer for using or print it easily. Indeed, there are some pages that designer using to try a new font like Dafont, 1001font, etc. If you having some awesome fonts, sharing it in the comments also helpful for almost designer.

Credit Images: Canva.com

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