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Microsoft Surface Studio: The device must be steal a place in your desk


If you’re a designer and looking for an ultimate all-in-one device, Surface Studio is one of the best answer for you. Microsoft just make a gorgeous, clever and powerful device named Surface Studio. Here are some reasons why the designers should consider about the most creative product of Microsoft.

Newest technology
  • Surface Studio launched on October 26 and Microsoft announce that it’s totally sold out, if you want to buy one, you have to order and then wait until middle 2017. Although Surface Studio’s price is not for anyone but it’s absolutely worth it. Microsoft add Smart Desk feature in Surface Studio hope that it will competitive with Dell product.


  • Moreover, Surface Studio is a clue for VR plans of Microsoft in Windows 10, and file sizes has been reduced less 35% by UUP (Unified Update Platform) feature. The last point will make you totally falling in love with Surface Studio is Mental Canvas 3D.
Design is the highlight point
  • Surface Studio has desktop monitor which is thinnest with 12.5mm. Actually, it doesn’t have any hardware with the screen that is using for almost multiple PC. Microsoft just make an evolution in creating computer with the tiny base including the processor, the memory and the hard drive. It has nickname “zero-gravity hinge” which make Surface Studio has good looking and elegant.


  • Addition, the zero gravity hinge has the torque feature with allow you to moving 13 pounds display. Thanks to this awesome display, you won’t see any different between standard desktop and massive drawing surface. With the welcome touch, the chrome hinges give the aluminum device on display.
  • The inspiration to creative will never end with the drawing orientation which has 20 degree angled. Even you aren’t designer but you will have an impressive and wonderful feeling when using the most powerful tablet in the world.
    Microsoft bring all the components matching with drawing tasks of designer on Surface Studio. In that, you can easily create, paint and edit with the correct rate with reality. With Intel Core i7-6820HQ, NVidia’s GTX 980M (4GB), 32Gb RAM and a 2TB hybrid hard driver inside, Surface Studio is never let you down when you work with.
Surface Dial, new feature in Surface Studio
  • Surface Dial is a brand-new accessory for Surface Studio. It connects with Surface Studio through Bluetooth, the same way with Keyboard and Mouse. It worth with the cost 99USD for purchase.
  • Surface Dial offers loss of Window apps inside, such as Paint 3D which allow you to access quickly into controls panel without stop drawing. Instance, you can use “Dial to zoom” while draw a 3D image in Bing Maps.


  • In Paint 3D, you can easily work with all color swatches, pen and brush styles by simple press on Dial. Indeed, Dial interact with Surface Studio and make radial options within the device when placing on screen’s surface. Let’s just imagine how marvel it while drawing by Surface Pen and change the image color with the Dial.
Price is the most thing to consider
  • Surface Studio comes up with many amazing and helpful features, but you have to pay lots of money for it. The question is whether the price worth or not. Actually, Microsoft known their customer clearly and understand what their target customer looking for. In summary, Surface Studio is the most amazing multiple creative PC in the computer industry nowadays.

Credit Image: Microsoft, VentureBeat and Digital Trend

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